Which of the following is not a characteristic of E-mail?

A. Low cost
B. Record maintenance in database
C. High speed
D. Waste reduction

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Correct Answer: Record maintenance in database

To get to the ‘Symbol’ dialogue box, click on the ________ menu and choose ‘Symbol’.

A. Insert
B. Format
C. Tools
D. Table


If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?

A. Edit
B. View
C. Format
D. Tools


Pressing the _____ key instructs Word to replace an AutoText entry name with the stored AutoText entry

A. f1
B. f2
C. f3
D. f4


To select multiple cells, rows, or columns in a table that are not adjacent to one another, select the first cell and then hold down the ________ key while selecting the next cell, row, or column.

A. alt
B. shift
C. enter
D. ctrl


What would you do when you want to update the data in an embedded worksheet range?

A. double click the worksheet range object
B. right click worksheet range object & choose format object
C. edit the data in the destination document
D. edit the data in the source document.


In MS-Word to highlight text, line or any particular informative paragraph, we use:_______?

A. Different Font Color
B. Background
C. Shade
D. Font Effects