Solved Paper MCQs of Assistant by PPSC Dated 11.10.2020

Here, you will find Today 11-10-2020 test Solved Paper MCQs of Assistant by PPSC.

Solved MCQs of Assistant by PPSC

1. 2018 globel summit California USA
2. Stethoscope inventor both a and b st
3.DOS can’t retrieve data
4. Circumstances of earth is 40,000
5 example of exhausted ???
6 pervaiz Musharraf went which country ???
7 pupils of hazrat Abu hurarrah not sure
8 Pak joined WTO in 1995
9 Hazrat Noah a.s age 950 years
10 heighest number of glaciars in Pakistani
11 synonym of Ambiguous is explicit
12 Efiil Tower in France paris
13 2nd slave of hazrat Khadija went with holy prophet pbuh . Maisarah
14 Wentworth wood house in England UK
15 Saudi journel assassinated name Jamal khashogi
16 OCR stand for optical character recognition
17 A student weights 45 kgs answer was 57
18 conditional formatting in layout
19 CPEC fully operational til 2030 right answer ??
20 oil reserve country Saudi Arabia
21 SAARC 2004 in islamabad
22 Which country PM affected by covid 19 UK bores
23 Algorithm and flowchart for specify problems ets opt-in D
24 Great Budda which country.. Jappan
25 capital of Qatar. Doaha
26 Iron cross .. Germany
27 war of independence 1857 ended in November 1858
28 Sindh was conquered by M bin Qasim in the reign of ommaiyad
29 1956 constitution for the President . The President should be Muslim
30 Biome for both plants and animals
31 Afghanistan’s not border with Pakistan province not sure answer
32 Ibn e Batoota from Moroco
33 background appears as grainy, non smooth surface Gradient
34 A man mix 10 liter water with 10 liter milk answer was 12.5
35 direct form of meet me at the cinema . Met me at the cinema Wala d option tha
36 He is blind …… His defects . Of
37 Incorrect pairs was monkey : polytities
38 structure or Format of data called Syntax
39 Largest death rate by covid 19 in Sindh
40 maximum deposition of DDT ? Phytoplankton creabeeler seagull
41 white blood cell lifetime short 1 to 3 days
42 short cut key selected screen down is ????
43 Acropolis of Athens is in Athens Greece
44 samjhota express blast. In Feb 2007
45 Israel means God contented option non of these
46 which country banned on telecommunication on China for its own hawaei 5G network .. UK
47 I congratulated …. His success. On
48 Imam bukhari and hanmbal relationship I listed teacher student
49 analogy of same meaning Graceful : movement is Articulate : speech
50 evening star ⭐ venues
51 total glaciers in the world 198000
52 JF 17 thunder cooperation of Pak with China
53 PIA started first flight in 1955
54 how many Main organs oof UNO … 6
55 I wear glasses …. Reading. For
56 Pitts India act 1784 for bringing the rule of East India company over India
57 Tasmania in Australia
58 lakhnow British forces in ?? Yad nhi
59 most languages spoken … chines
60 Barometer used for atmosphere pressure
61 white heaven beach located in Australia
62 AIML formed in 1906 it’s first Head quarter Lakhnow
63 Qantas airways in Australia
64 Anwar …… Around the block by car. Speed
65 Mac operating by apple
66 water humidity measures by which hygrometer
67 which province most affected by covid 19
68 Casecade delete option available for It is available in the edit relationship dialogue box that all related records deleted from parent table .
69 which vitamin most water soluble vitamin B and C
70 Ring of Holy prophet pbuh made by sahabi name hazrat yullah douted
71 antonym of immutable is flexible
72 URDO pait katna ka Matlab bhook bardasht krna
73 most languages spoken in which country . Papua New Guinea
74 Ali pur ka Aaile by mumtaz mufti
75 booye Gul le gai chaman mein urdo ki kon c roo istemal Hui hay .. I listed Isteaarah doubt
76 ghazal k matlaah me poet kis cheez ka lehaaz rakhta hay .. Radeeef
77 both muzakkar and moannnas ka lafz … Not confirmed answer
78 INKAAR written by Parveen shakir
79 hafeez tayeib poet of NAATs.
80 Munnoo Bhai original name munir Ahmad Qureshi
81 Mirssiyyya ka poet
Meer anees .
82 math 1/10*3/5*6/5 answer 9/125
83. If a man’s age 24 greater than his son . After 2 years the age is twice of the son what is the age of his son .? 22 years
84 NAM members … 120

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