Feminist Research aims at:

A. Addressing women’s issues with women’s perspective

B. Promotion of women research scholars

C. To study women as an object

D. Study of women’s education


Among the following persons identify the male feminist:

A. Harriet Taylor

B. Betty Friedan

C. Iris Young

D. J.S. Mill


Feminist Research is:

A. Interdisciplinary

B. Multidisciplinary

C. Cross-disciplinary

d) All the above


Transformation of grass root women into mere beneficiaries to active participants is coined as:

A. Socialism

B. Feminism

C. Clientelism

D. Dualism


Who have coined the terminology ‘Interactive Methodology’ for feminist research?

A. Joan Huber and Killy

B. Nancy Kleiber and Linda Light

C. David Morgan and Keohane

D. Bernard Helen Roberts


Feminist Research aims to

A. Research on women, by men and for women.

B. Research for women, by women and on women.

C. Research on women, about women, and of women.

D. Research of women by women and for women.


Androgynous persons show ________ traits.

A. Positive masculine and feminine

B. Negative masculine

C. Positive feminine

D. Positive masculine


Masculinity is not synonymous with A. Strength B. Power C. Aggression D. Emotions <!--more-->

Which is incorrect statement regarding ‘Masculinities’ and ‘Femininities’

A. Based on Biological determinism.

B. Changing across time and space.

C. Socially constructed.

D. Gendered rather than non-gendered.


Which of the following is incorrect about “Queer Studies?”

A. Studies of non-normative and homosexuality.
B. It is new term for gays and lesbians.
C. These are post-modern studies.
D. These are studies with gender perspective. (more…)